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This Week In Energy for May 19, 2024

This Week In Energy for May 19, 2024

Artificial Intelligence, carbon capture, Harold Hamm and pipeline safety round out This Week In Energy.

In the episode of This Week In Energy for May 19, 2024 sponsored in part by The Crude Life:

This Week In Energy’s Newsmaker Interview sponsored by The Industrial Forest: Curtis Jundt Talks about Carbon Pipeline Safety

Curtis Jundt, carbon pipeline expert and engineer, stopped by Townsquare Media’s SuperTalk 1270AM Talk of the Town with host Steve Bakken to discuss several safety issues with carbon versus natural gas pipelines.

According to Jundt, carbon pipelines are nothing like natural gas pipelines once you remove the shallow thought of a pipeline from the entire context.

“They are different because of the product they carry. That's first and foremost needs to be distinguished,” Jundt said. “I mean, a natural gas pipeline or CO2 pipeline or carbon steel, the thickness of the wall is usually set by what you want your maximum allowable operating pressure to be.”

Jundt continued explaining the difference between the two.

“In the case of the Summit Pipeline running east to north of Bismarck, their MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) is like 2,000, 2,183,” Jundt said. “A lot of the natural gas pipelines running around North Dakota and that run east to west north of Bismarck that send natural gas from the Bismarck compressor station out to eastern North Dakota, those pipelines don't run at that high of a pressure. That's another distinction.”

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The Energy Detox: Joe Sinnott, CEO, Witting Partners Talks about AI in Energy

Sinnott explains how AI will impact energy offices and worksites by comparing it to America’s Pastime - Baseball.

“Keeping with JUSTICE theme Jason, there is an ever-increasing scrutiny of umpires strike zones,” Sinnott said. “Yes, there are egregious examples of poor ball/strikes calls, i.e. the infamous Angel Hernandez, but also some thoughts on the PERCEIVED strike zones because ever game now has the strike zone box.”

The interview also dives into Artificial Intelligence making it’s way into minor league baseball too. This robo-umpire of the future is compared to the increasing us of AI vs. human conversations in Corporate America.

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Energy Influencer sponsored by BCK9 Services: Robert Bryce explains why Hydrogen is Hype

The Sun is mainly made of hydrogen. But there is nothing new under the Sun, and that includes hydrogen.

That Old Testament reference — “what has been will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” — is appropriate here because the hype about hydrogen seems nearly as old as the Bible itself.

On June 10, 1975, during the 94th Congress, the House of Representatives held the first of two “investigative hearings on the subject of hydrogen — its production, utilization, and potential effects on our energy economy of the future.” The hearing was chaired by Mike McCormack, a Democrat from Washington state, who claimed hydrogen “has the potential of playing the same kind of role in our energy system as electricity does today.

In 1996, the Chicago Sun-Times declared “The first steps toward what proponents call the hydrogen economy are being taken.” In 2003, Jeremy Rifkin, an “economic and social theorist,” published The Hydrogen Economy: The Creation of the Worldwide Energy Web and the Redistribution of Power on Earth. In that book, Rifkin claimed that “Globalization represents the end stage of the fossil-fuel era.” Turning “toward hydrogen is a promissory note for a safer world,” he averred.

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PetroProfile sponsored by Kansas Strong: Stuart Turley Wants To End Energy Poverty

Stuart Turley, CEO, Podcast Host, Elimination of Energy Poverty, joins The Crude Life to discuss some recent energy issues and activities.

After some friendly banter, the interview dives into the evolution of politics being injected into energy.

"So my research started 15 years ago. the energy industry was not political. Not even close to where it was today. In fact, when I was growing up, the only thing about politics was the gas prices," The Crude Life founder and host Jason Spiess said. "And by the way, this was after Exxon Valdez had like a big spill. And there was more jokes about a drunk sailor than there was about problems with the oil spill, okay?"

Turley agreed with Spiess on the level of politics involved in energy today.

“I want to eliminate energy poverty,” Turley said. “The only way that you can eliminate energy poverty is to have low cost, abundant energy that has the least amount of impact on the environment and sustainable through not printing money. And by not printing money, it means it can be fiscally sustainable. I'm all in on all forms of energy, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, solar. It does not matter to me. Let's take care of humanity first.”

The interview also cites examples of people and companies who are becoming leaders in energy (and humanity) rather than specifically oil and gas. Chris Wright, CEO, Liberty Energy is one of the ones cited.

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The ESG Show with Michael Baxer sponsored by ESG University: The ESG Show takes a deep dive into the overlap between #ISO standards and #ESG.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) are two different concepts that are related in certain ways.

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that develops and publishes standards for various industries and sectors. The organization has developed a number of management system standards, including ISO 14001 for environmental management systems and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety management systems.

On the other hand, ESG is a set of criteria used to evaluate a company’s performance in relation to environmental, social, and governance issues. The criteria are used by investors to make informed investment decisions based on a company’s commitment to sustainable business practices.

Host Michael Baxter was joined by three experts, Steve Stobo, Philip Lusher and Praveen Bansal.

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Share Your Sustainable Story sponsored by The Carbon Conversation:

Thomas Brewer explains why addressing Mental Health issues in industry is critical.

Thomas BrewerTB Group, joins The Crude Life to discuss the high-stakes world of oil and gas extraction, the focus often rests on physical safety and environmental impacts. However, this discussion is from a mental well-being of workers POV (point of view).

As the industry navigates challenges ranging from volatile markets to demanding operational environments, addressing mental health is no longer an option but a necessity.

What is an onsite EAP Crisis Response? (Employee Assistance Program)

An onsite response is where a company seeks out the services of a professional to respond to their employees during a times of crisis. The onsite response times vary depending on each situation.

“We have had responses be as short as two hours of onsite response to as long as eight hours a day including multiply days,” Brewer said.

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THROWBACK TALKS sponsored by Shepherd VR: Harold Hamm talks about getting into the Carbon Management Industry.

Ken Lavin interviews Harold Hamm, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Continental Resources, after he spoke at Wildcatters Wednesday at The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma.

Hamm talks about the importance of synergy and collaboration in energy, education and empathy. Understanding each energy’s strengths rather than politicizing the science.

“Energy plays a tremendous role in all our lives, we know that,” Hamm said. “Finding carbon solutions is paramount for us right now.”

Lavin asks Hamm what he feels the industry should “get behind” as we enter 2022. Hamm reminds Lavin that our national security is at risk, our American independence has slid backwards and political policies are creating uncertainty.

Hamm transitions into what Continental Resources is planning for 2022 and has a message for all the “hard working men and women working in the oilfield”.

“This is an industry that you have to have some forward faith in,” Hamm said. “Our company has establish into putting our best foot forward for the industry and our people. I know other company have done the same thing. It’s a new day in industry.”

The main reason for the fellowship on this day was The Harold Hamm Foundation and Continental Resources donated a combined $50 million gift creating the Hamm Institute for American Energy at Oklahoma State University.

The Hamm Institute’s mission is to educate the next generation of energy leaders — in Oklahoma, the United States and from around the world — cementing Oklahoma’s legacy as a global energy leader.

The Hamm Institute will be located in what was formerly known as OSU Discovery, 300 NE 9th St. in the Oklahoma City Innovation District, and will become the primary and permanent occupant of the building.

The Hamm Institute will become the center of all things American energy. It will host symposiums, authors, speakers, energy summits and global energy leadership conversations. The building will eventually house the Oklahoma Hall of Energy Legends Interactive Museum, a public exhibit highlighting the history and storied legacy of Oklahoma’s great energy leaders.

Hamm, a native Oklahoman and founder and chairman of Continental Resources, began his career in oil and gas over five decades ago, starting out with a single oil service truck and a dream. His incredible journey, entrepreneurial spirit and will to change the world for the better have inspired countless others, and his latest philanthropic push aims to elevate the state to both new and familiar heights.

Hamm spoke about the importance of the donation and also thanks Baker Hughes, General Electric for their commitment to the energy industry with their support at OSU.

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Music heard on This Week In Energy by singer songwriter Alma Cook and independent funk fusion group known as The Moody River Band.

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Cook Compliance Co is a boutique compliance management & consulting firm that believes in doing more than just checking the right boxes. With special emphasis on education & planning, Cook helps contractors get ahead of their competition by making sure their crews are work-ready even before the next MSA is signed.

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For over a decade, Moody River Band's unique brand of blues/folk rock has rocked and rolled all over the Upper Midwest and Rocky Mountain region.  

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