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Kansas Strong Continues Promoting Petroleum Positively

Kansas Strong Continues Promoting Petroleum Positively

Martin has appeared at over 200 events in the past year educating groups, people and classrooms.

Warren Martin, executive director, Kansas Strong, joins The Crude Life with an update on the Jayhawk State.

Martin has been very active educating and promoting the benefits of oil and gas, including tax revenues, community development projects and everyday uses for petroleum products.

"Informing the public about the many ways the Kansas oil and natural gas industry contributes to our state and our nation is an important part of our mission," Martin said. "Kansas Strong has implemented a multi-platform campaign to reach Kansans with our message. See how Kansas Strong is helping educate and inform Kansans about the critical role our industry plays."

Martin provides periodic messages dedicated to topics related to the oil & natural gas industry and how they impact our lives. He has appeared at over 200 events in the past year.

"So Kansas is a unique oil and gas producing state. We're 11th leading producing state in the nation. Yet we do not have big oil here in Kansas. We don't we do not have any of the major oil companies here. Only one that it could even slightly be considered a major oil producing company that actually does production here in the state," Martin said. "We have a lot of pipeline companies. We have a lot of refining companies. But oil and gas production is predominantly done by local, independent oil and gas producers across the state. We are almost exclusively a marginal well state."

Martin, a philosophy graduate of Texas Tech University, is an author, teacher, minister, artist, quasi-philosopher and speaker known for his unique teaching style. His passion is to inspire & invest in the next generation of leaders. He currently serves as Executive Director of Kansas Strong for the promotion of the quality of life created by the oil & natural gas industry.

He previously served as Executive Director of the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum and was the primary presenter of all Inspired Leadership Experiences. Warren has been leading leadership workshops, presenting keynote presentations and consulting with Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations for 22 years.

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