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Emergency Services Continue to Integrate Virtual Reality Training

Emergency Services Continue to Integrate Virtual Reality Training

“I’ve got a pretty good appreciation for how virtual reality works and integrates into emergency management,” Davis said.

Adam Davis, Paddington County Emergency Management and Clint Kling of Shepherd VR talk about their recent virtual reality training session for fire management.

"We were trying to go through a VR simulation of the fire extinguisher systems that are handheld,” Kling said. “Adam and his team they do trainings here in Pennington County with fire extinguishers and so we decided to look at the VR system to see if you know this could be an option.”

Kling and Davis spent the day training staff members on fire management operations and safety procedures.

According to Davis, the advantage with virtual reality is many. From weather concerns to CO2 waste to other idiosyncrasies involved with outside circumstances with training in emergency services.

“I’ve got a pretty good appreciation for how virtual reality works and integrates into emergency management,” Davis said. “Just as a technology set can be leveraged in a whole myriad of different safety trainings.”

David spent 15 years in helicopter search and rescue before going to work for Pennington County Emergency Management.

“For examples, VR can be used for teaching people how to do hoist rescue out of the back of a helicopter to doing really good awareness training with fire extinguishers as Clint demoed for me today with his system,” Davis said.

Pennington County, South Dakota, is supported by the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management, which oversees preparedness, response, recovery, and disaster mitigation efforts across the state. This includes fire safety management.

The Office of Emergency Management develops operational and procedural plans specifically tailored for handling various emergencies and disasters, including fires.

In addition, the county benefits from general emergency services provided by the state, which emphasize thorough preparedness planning.

These services include creating strategies to prevent, manage, and mitigate the impact of fires and other disasters. This holistic approach ensures that the county's emergency management practices are well-coordinated and effective in enhancing community safety and resilience against fires.

“I've taught a lot of students in various virtual systems, and if I'm speaking on generalities, I would say that the younger demographic tends to adapt better to it,” Davis said. “But again, don't get caught up in absolutes. That's obviously not going to be the case across the board as many seasoned veterans are embracing virtual reality in training and the workplace.”

Kling agreed with Davis on how the younger demographic was quick to adapt to virtual reality training, but he is seeing an increase in older interest.

“Many of the older workers are really enjoying it,” Kling said. “At first they are not sure what to expect, but shortly after engaging with it, they are all about it.”

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