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This Week In Energy for May 26, 2024

This Week In Energy for May 26, 2024

Nuclear Power, AI, EVs, and Clean Energy are just some of the topics discussed this week in energy.

In the episode of This Week In Energy for May 25, 2024 sponsored in part by Shepherd VR:

This Week In Energy’s Newsmaker Interview sponsored by The Industrial Forest: Duane Sand, entrepreneur, graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and was a U.S. Navy officer during the Iraq War joined Townsquare Media’s Talk of the Town hosted by Steve Bakken.

Sand is a former inspector for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and advocates for nuclear energy and establishing nuclear power facilities.

“I’ve been a proponent of nuclear energy for decades, in fact recently I testified in a joint committee in the (North Dakota) legislature, it was about a month ago, an interim committee, about why we need to bring nuclear here,” Duane Sand told Steve Bakken. “And I laid it all out because I've, and these are the same things I've said for 12 years. We need nuclear because everyone's going to need nuclear, and everyone in the Midwest has or had nuclear power already.”

The history of nuclear energy is rooted in the pioneering discoveries of atomic science in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The journey began with the discovery of X-rays in 1895 and continued with Henri Becquerel's discovery of radioactivity in 1896. The theoretical foundation was laid by Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr, who developed models of the atom that explained atomic structure and radiation.

The most significant breakthrough came in 1938 when Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann discovered nuclear fission, a process in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts, releasing a tremendous amount of energy.

This discovery set the stage for the development of nuclear reactors and the atomic bomb during World War II. The Manhattan Project, a secret wartime project in the United States, harnessed fission to create the first nuclear weapons, changing the course of history forever.

“In fact, here's another fun factoid for you,” Sand told Bakke. “The person considered to be the grandfather of commercial nuclear power in America is Al Gore's dad, a Democrat from Tennessee.

Sand continued his context.

“In the 50s, he told the power industry, coal, hydro, all those guys, he said, if you guys don't start building nuclear, we're going to start building them,” Sand said. “And they got the message, and nuclear power building just rose sharply.”

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THROWBACK TALKS sponsored by The Crude Life: Brian Sullivan, CNBC, talks about how communities and companies deal with boom bust cycles.

“First trip to North Dakota was 2013 when things were really heating up. We wanted to go see how Williston and the Bakken region was dealing with the boom. I’ve been through this business enough to have seen some booms, like the Internet boom.  Sadly I’ve been doing this now for over 20 years in financial journalism,” Sullivan said.

“I wanted to see how they dealt with the boom and met some key players and spoke to some locals.  It was a classic growth story of ‘we can find enough of this’ or ‘find enough of that’.  I’ll never forget one of the cool anecdotes from that Bakken trip, I stayed at this hotel, which you’ll have to forgive me because I forgot the name, but now it is a Ramada. I think it was sold (after that Bakken trip). Anyway, it was on a dirt road because the hotel developer wanted to put the thing up but the town was slower than the developers because there was so much growth happening. So I have this rental car on sort of driving on this dirt driveway.” (laughs)

“This was a brand new hotel and it was nice, but it was also like $400-a-night. I was shocked by not only the level of growth, but the level of cost. How much everything cost. It was just shocking. We were up there for about 2 days, then we came back to the studio and returned to the oil fields in December of 2014.”

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Energy Influencer sponsored by BCK9 Services: Robert Bryce Says American Environmentalism is Dead

Environmentalism in America is dead. It has been replaced by climatism and renewable energy fetishism.     

The movement birthed by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in the early 1960s and Earth Day in the 1970s — a movement that once aimed to protect landscapes, wildlands, whales, and wildlife — has morphed into the NGO-corporate-industrial-climate complex. Rather than preserve wildlands and wildlife, today’s “green” NGOs have devolved into a sprawling network of nonprofit and for-profit groups aligned with big corporations, big banks, and big law firms. In the name of climate change, these NGOs want to pave vast swaths of America’s countryside with oceans of solar panels and forests of 600-foot-high wind turbines. They are also promoting the industrialization of our oceans, a move that could put hundreds of massive offshore wind turbines in the middle of some of our best fisheries and right atop known habitat of the critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

Click here for Robert Bryce Substack Article

PetroProfile sponsored by Kansas Strong: Stuart Turley Wants To End Energy Poverty

Stuart Turley, CEO, Podcast Host, Elimination of Energy Poverty, discusses some recent energy issues and activities.

“I want to eliminate energy poverty,” Turley said. “The only way that you can eliminate energy poverty is to have low cost, abundant energy that has the least amount of impact on the environment and sustainable through not printing money. And by not printing money, it means it can be fiscally sustainable. I'm all in on all forms of energy, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, solar. It does not matter to me. Let's take care of humanity first.”

The interview also cites examples of people and companies who are becoming leaders in energy (and humanity) rather than specifically oil and gas. Chris Wright, CEO, Liberty Energy is one of the ones cited.

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The ESG Show with Michael Baxter sponsored by ESG University: ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance and it impacts all areas of energy.

Chandini Jain is the founder of AI insights company Auquan, which specialises in extracting hidden insights from unstructured data.  So that is Chandini; as AI begins to change the world, she is someone who can give us insight into how it can help organisations manage their ESG

Then there is Asad Ansari. Asad is a Founder and Managing Partner at Mayfair IT Consultancy, a data transformation specialist organisation.

What else can I tell you about Asad? Oh yes, he is also the youngest Asian board member with the Royal Air Force Museums (RAFM) working on a regeneration programme at the Cosford site in West Midlands, a board member for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) interfaith and communications committee, an Advisor to the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) for their UK - Pakistan Advisory Council, and a British Asian Trust supporter.

Also joining us is the amazing Sue Bonney — until recently, a Vice Chair of KPMG UK and its Head of ESG, and now an independent adviser. She has a big picture or a strategic view of technology and data relating to ESG.

But with everything good (or sort of good) comes a downside. And with technology, one downside is cyber security. How can you use data and technology to manage your ESG when cyber security hangs above us like a sword of Damocles? Never fear; Steve Stobo, an expert on ISO standards and cyber, is here to help.

Click here for entire The ESG Show

The Energy Detox with Joe Sinnott the CEO of Witting Partners

Expanding into new territories often means interacting with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. It's essential to adapt your communication style, leadership approach, and business practices to align with the cultural norms of the region you're entering. Embrace diversity and leverage it as a strength in building successful relationships and driving business outcomes.

“The age-old question in sports and business - do I draft/recruit/hire the best TALENT/ATHLETE or do I focus on the specific roles/positions/gaps my team/company has?” Sinnott asks.

The interview dives into the different strategies how in business and the NFL Draft.

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Share Your Sustainable Story sponsored by The Carbon Conversation:

Thomas Brewer explains why addressing Mental Health issues in industry is critical.

Thomas BrewerTB Group, joins The Crude Life to discuss the high-stakes world of oil and gas extraction, the focus often rests on physical safety and environmental impacts. However, this discussion is from a mental well-being of workers POV (point of view).

As the industry navigates challenges ranging from volatile markets to demanding operational environments, addressing mental health is no longer an option but a necessity.

What is an onsite EAP Crisis Response? (Employee Assistance Program)

An onsite response is where a company seeks out the services of a professional to respond to their employees during a times of crisis. The onsite response times vary depending on each situation.

“We have had responses be as short as two hours of onsite response to as long as eight hours a day including multiply days,” Brewer said.

Click here for full length interview

Music heard on This Week In Energy by singer songwriter Alma Cook and independent funk fusion group known as The Moody River Band.

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Cook Compliance Co is a boutique compliance management & consulting firm that believes in doing more than just checking the right boxes. With special emphasis on education & planning, Cook helps contractors get ahead of their competition by making sure their crews are work-ready even before the next MSA is signed.

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For over a decade, Moody River Band's unique brand of blues/folk rock has rocked and rolled all over the Upper Midwest and Rocky Mountain region.  

You can download their two records absolutely free by clicking here!  

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